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Miele T1520


Miele T1520

Miele T1520
Novotronic Vented Dryer

Price: $1,149.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Miele tumble dryers offer eleven separate drying options and two temperature options and utilize Novotronic technology to monitor moisture levels within the laundry rather than using a timed drying cycle. With a timed drying cycle, items may be dry long before the timer shuts down the machine. By drying to a specific moisture level, the dryer can never over-dry your laundry.

How does it work? A very low voltage electrical charge is passed through the laundry between two contacts, one on the drum and the other on the wall of the dryer. The machine measures the time it takes for this signal to pass between the contacts to determine how much moisture is in the laundry.

Eleven different programs:
Each of the nine moisture-based drying programs is designed to reach a different moisture level in the laundry. A proper moisture level ensures that items that are going to be stored away are extra dry and items that are going to be ironed have just enough moisture for the iron to do its job.

Like Miele washing machines, these programs are not time driven. Because our washing machines extract so much moisture from the laundry, drying times are generally very short. Miele clothes dryers also have a timed drying program for small loads or to finish up larger items. Another time program uses cool air to fluff items that have been previously stored away.

Auto reversing drum:
Miele's auto reversing drum action tumbles laundry in two directions. This bi-directional action evenly dries the entire load and prevents items form being "trapped" in the middle of the load. This process also helps minimizes wrinkling.

Progress Report:
The Novotronic controls also indicate the interim stages reached during the drying process. Once the drying is completed, a cooling down stage begins. The machine tumbles the laundry dry and replaces the warm, moist air with cool, dry air; halting the drying process. If your laundry is left unattended after the buzzer sounds, the machine will continue to occasionally tumble the laundry for up to 60 minutes to prevent any creases from forming.